Artist's Statement 
I work primarily in two different media: encaustic (hot wax) and the combination of oil and cold wax. The beauty of encaustic painting is in the vibrancy, luminosity of color, and the lasting durability of the medium. When cold wax is mixed with oil paint, the medium becomes “buttery” in consistency, which allows me to buildup many layers that create a strong tactile quality to a painting’s surface.

Abstract Expressionism and German Expressionism have had the greatest influences on my painting style. The physical action of painting is primary to my style of painting. I do not formally plan a composition, but rather a painting develops, much like a dance, from one action to the next and the next and so on.

Both media allow me to paint rapidly and spontaneously. Inspiration comes from constant observation of my surroundings as I study lines, shapes, shadows, patterns, and textures. Subject matter comes from many sources such as memories of places and events, topography, historical periods of art, and the tactile sensations of a surface. My goal is to create a work that expresses a gestural abstraction, and I am often emotionally driven and serendipitous, incorporating all of the “accidents and mistakes” that occur as I paint.
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